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My name is Jason, I run Freedom Aware with the primary goal of making investing simple.

Investing doesn’t have to be complicated. You don’t need an expensive financial advisor to get started. You can get started on your own, today, the simple way.

Forget the complicated jargon, high fees, and intimidation factor that normally comes with investing. Here, I’ll do my best to cut straight to the point to help you get started.

That’s not all, though. As I started to write about investing, I quickly realized that simple and practical advice could be helpful across various aspects of personal finance, including:

  • Investing
  • Precious Metals
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Making money
  • And more

So I took years of personal investing experience, precious metals, and cryptocurrency research, and put it all into this site. With one goal in mind:

Make Personal Finance Easy

Please, stay a minute and explore Freedom Aware! My hope is that you learn something new and save (or make, invest, etc.) some money along the way

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